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Rebranding Arcus for Maximum Adoption

Arcus has received many updates regarding the branding of each component's feature documentation. Just recently, we took the final step in the rebranding of Arcus: a whole new general Arcus landing zone.

Central place for everything Arcus

We already had a general Arcus site, but the problem was that it did not contain enough information to reasonably exist. The only reason it did, was to have a central location to guide people to where they could find specific Arcus components. With the rebranding of Arcus’ style, we took it upon ourselves to rethink this central place. Instead of it being a meager ‘forwarding’ site, it is now the place to be to find any general information on Arcus. We have listened to the comments of both the people using and those more hesitant to use Arcus. With this knowledge, the website has received a whole new makeover that will maximize adoption.

🎉 Navigate to the new website!

The 'What', 'Why', and 'How' questions

The creation of a new site with new content was the perfect time to reflect on what the general Arcus website should contain. As Arcus has already been available and used for several years, we know what the common reasons are for not adopting Arcus. It was our goal to make this new site a central place to answer these questions, such as: ‘What is Arcus?’, ‘Why should I use Arcus?’, and ‘How do I use Arcus?’.

With dedicated tabs in the navigation menu, these questions are answered by a short, bulleted list. We hope that the list can also be used in client projects, to convince anyone unsure of the quality and added production value of Arcus.

Practical common use cases

Once people have been convinced to use Arcus, one of the most asked questions that follow is if there are any use cases or examples to show what it can do. Normally, we direct visitors to our high-value project templates, as they already contain the latest updates and code practices. However, we have seen that for some people this is not enough. There was a need for concrete examples.

The new site has three practical use cases that show:

  • How secrets can be centralized with the Arcus secret store;
  • How telemetry and contextual information can be simplified;
  • How new projects can be quickly set up with our project templates.

In a step-by-step walkthrough, we show visitors the difference between the ‘code’ and ‘high level’ of using Arcus in your project.


We have carefully listened to the issues and problems users have with Arcus. We have bundled the answers on our new site and made sure that any arguments about not using Arcus are quickly resolved. This new website promotes the real value of Arcus. It brings clarity to what was previously a scattered project across feature documentation for each component. Now there is a central place to answer your questions, show you the advantages, and walk you through the process of adopting Arcus in your project.

🎉 See the new website for yourself!

🚩 If you have any questions, remarks, comments, or just want to discuss something with us; feel free to contact the Arcus team at Codit.

Thanks for reading!
The Arcus team

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