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Sentinet 4.0 has been released

Good news everyone! The Nevatech team have just released a major new version of their SOA and API Management solution, Sentinet 4.0.
This release comes up with many improvements, performance enhancements and fixes. You can find all the details in the release notes, but here I want to have a look at what we consider to be the coolest new features in this release.

Repository object dependencies

The dependencies feature allows Sentinet users to track Repository objects dependencies on each other, and provides Sentinet users with impact and change analysis. 
In the picture below I collected the dependencies of three different objects (Backend service, Virtual Service and Access Rule). Clicking on the shapes in the graph you can then navigate to the object for further analysis.

Dependencies Go To
Sentinet 4.0 also enables to configure declarative dependencies. For example you can document a “virtual services chain” editing the dependency diagram and adding objects and relations with a drag and drop.

Message Processing pipeline

Sentinet 4.0 adds the capability to configure any virtual services with built-in and custom message processing components. The Message Processing Pipeline graphical Designer significantly enhance Sentinet product capability to implement runtime messages processing, messages transformations and other custom behaviors.

Message Processing Pipeline may consist of any number of Message Processing components that can be executed based on multiple flexible conditional criteria.


The Message Processing Pipeline can be extended with custom components. Development and deployment of the custom Message Processing components is much easier than extending Sentinet with custom WCF endpoint and service behaviors. All WCF extensibility points still remain available in the product.

Schema first design.

The bigger design-time governance improvements is the “Schema-First” design option. This feature allows the design and management of the physical services structure (interfaces, operations, data schemas etc.) without re-uploading new WSDL documents and without forcing to create a new service version.

Schema First


As simple as it is. Any change of the Repository is audited with all the details of the change initiated by a Sentinet user.



No configuration data will be lost during upgrade to the Sentinet 4.0. All the Sentinet physical and virtual services and other associated objects will be available immediately after the upgrade.

Enjoy this new major release, feel free to comment below and let us know what are your thoughts on it!




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