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Vlog: From Mainframe to IoT

In this fascinating vlog, Codit'er Philippe Destoop takes us on a tour which delves into the history of IoT, starting with the humble Mainframe.

What do typical mainframe architecture from back in the 80’s and a topnotch IoT architecture nowadayshave in common…probably nothing? Think again. 

While recently reading interesting articles about the latest and greatest evolutions in IoT Edge technology (such as this this excellent article from Microsoft and this not less excellent whitepaper from Codit CTO Sam Vanhoutte),  I was thinking about how there seems to always be the same type of evolution when new client/server type technology is introduced. 

When such a technology is introduced, things are pretty straightforward and clear-cut concerning the distribution of compute and data over the different actors in the network chain between client and server. But after a while, in order to increase scalability, performance, manageability, security etc, there is a gradual fine-tuning of the topology which brings new possibilities but also increases the complexity concerning architectural decisions.

Let’s look into the many variations of that same theme, traveling over time over the past couple of decades, from mainframes to IoT. 


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