ClearMedia Streamlines Customer Experience Through the Power of Microsoft Azure Cloud

ClearMedia’s API powered partner portal streamlines their partner experiences, by automating processes, to deliver a seamless service to their B2B customers and rapidly scale as business booms.

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Executive summary

ClearMedia is a forerunner in the cloud solutions industry, reselling a myriad of cloud solutions to IT partners to support their B2B customers. From the inception of the company, ClearMedia wanted to reach IT partners on a large scale and in order to do this they knew they needed automated self-service capabilities.

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The Challenge

Founders Olivier Malherbe and Sven Huijbrechts, knew from the get-go they wanted a partner portal with complete self-services capabilities, as they saw this as the key to scaling quickly and still maintain a high quality of service for their IT partners.

“From day one of the company, the partner portal project was born. It was a part of our vision right from the early days,” said Huijbrechts.

The challenge for them was to develop the portal, automate processes on the backend, and offer an open API so that their partners could develop their own integrations.

They worked with Codit to design, build and run an online partner portal, complete with open API capabilities.

Thanks to Codit we can fully focus on the business part of our processes, while they take care of the technical implementation.

Sven Huijbrechts CTO @ ClearMedia

The Approach

ClearMedia’s Partner Portal needed a smooth interface, through which ClearMedia’s IT partners could easily manage the lifecycle of their B2B customers from A to Z. This includes creating quotes, orders, contracts, changes as needed, invoicing and commissions.

They decided from the outset that they wanted to automate repetitive manual work to increase speed and prevent human error, resulting in a superior quality of service.

ClearMedia also wanted to open the partner portal to their IT partners so they could develop their own integrations as per their business needs.

The ClearMedia and Codit teams decided that an online partner portal with an open API would be the best approach to fulfil these objectives.

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The partner portal needed three main user interfaces, one internally for the ClearMedia employees, another for the IT partners, and the third one for B2B customers of the IT partners. The automation component is used to standardize processes that are a regular occurrence.

“We automate where it makes sense. When an order comes in it is split up into sub tasks, and these tasks may be done manually, but some are fully automated. For example when it comes to onboarding new customers, there are things that can be standardized and automated very easily. So when the partner creates orders in the partner portal for a domain name, Microsoft 365 services, WatchGuard devices, Proximus fiber connectivity, and so on; all the orders are split into subtasks, which are handled automatically or manually where needed,,” said Huijbrechts “These are all part of our standard playbook in which ClearMedia’s service is a piece of their processes to help their customers.”

For Codit, there were two distinct parts to the project: the user interfaces and the API management partner portal.

The API partner portal allows their IT partners to develop their own integrations that meet their business needs. For example it is possible to develop an integration that automatically creates quotes complete with their logo, company details, and terms and conditions. Through the API, partners can also retrieve data for invoices data to automate their own billing to their customers.

The Codit team took two APIs, put them on the API partner portal, and exposed one internally and the other externally.

The Codit team also put into place Azure Keyhole for security, and Azure automated lifecycle so releases are completely automated.

With the foundations set, this project was well on the way to success.


The project has been proven very successful, with ClearMedia’s partner base growing faster year by year. The user interfaces ensure that ClearMedia’s partners can offer their customers exceptional customer service and cut down on time-consuming manual work behind the scenes.

ClearMedia has no intention of stopping their upward trajectory, and they are relying on Codit to support them on their future journey. “ClearMedia stands for the ‘Ultimate Partner Experience’, we couldn’t have reached that without the support and expertise of Codit,” said Sven Huijbrechts.

A word from the client

“ClearMedia stands for the ‘Ultimate Partner Experience’, we couldn’t have reached that without the support and expertise of Codit.”

Sven Huijbrechts CTO ClearMedia

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