Data Connectivity Suite for Equipment

Mitigate downtime, manage your equipment remotely, and minimize costs as you increase your revenue, Transforms data from your assets into insights and innovation.

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Within your equipment lies the secret to reducing downtime and costs while increasing your revenue. The key to unlocking this secret is closer than you think. Bring your machines and assets into the present and advance your business into the future, with a solution that transforms data from your equipment into insights and innovation.

Maximize the Value of Your Equipment

You have a lot of money invested in your machines and technical equipment. Make them work for you in smarter ways: with insights into more efficient operations, efficient predictive maintenance and market-leading products – all through your existing assets. The Data Connectivity Suite for Equipment enables you to tap into the growing advantages of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). You can even retrofit legacy assets. This cost-effective, custom-built solution makes the invisible visible. The result: data-driven business enhancement


The Data Connectivity Suite for Equipment offers a quick, secure solution for connecting your assets to the cloud, controlling them from anywhere and capitalizing on the data they already have.

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce downtime while maximizing device lifetime through predictive maintenance. Take swift, corrective action to keep equipment running smoothly and extend asset lifecycles.

Remote Monitoring

Keep a close watch on operations and improve, wherever you are, by analyzing performance and ensuring consistency across all sites. All from one central dashboard.

Asset Innovation

Enhance your assets with an enhanced view of their performance through data intelligence. Drive innovation for improved effectiveness and end-user experience.

Remote Management

Control and manage your assets from anywhere you want through remote management, including configuration, patching and security updates all rolled out and run from a distance.

New revenue streams

Leverage data in leading-edge business initiatives using advanced analytics to identify new business models and introduce value-added services.

Innovation in Practice: IoT Trurns Real-World Info into Data-Driven R&D

See how the Data Connectivity Suite for Equipment enables insights for smart systems and even smarter business processes built from true-life data at Duco Ventilation & Sun Control.

From Equipment to Industry-Leading Technology

Analyzing performance in real-time … Repairing devices before a disruption … Running machines from miles away. As IIoT continues to move forward industries such as manufacturing, utilities, mining and agriculture, companies without cloud-connected equipment are being left behind. The Data Connectivity Suite for Equipment closes the gap. The solution helps by making existing equipment suitable for data capture and connecting new equipment perfectly. This is how you reinforce your business through advanced data intelligence.

Data Connectivity Suite leverages Microsoft Azure technologies to bring the power of the cloud directly to every device. Our solution ensures you can keep your business running smoothly, without having to run out to every site.

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  • Quick-start connection and continuous data capture through Azure IoT Edge: The solution connects to the cloud in just minutes. Data can be aggregated immediately for use on-site or streamed into a centralized hub for later use.
  • Pre-built modules to accelerate building your solution, supporting a wide range of industry protocols such as SNMP, OPC UA, Modbus, ODP, Rules Engine, Filter Module, and CAN bus.
  • Cost-effective, time-efficient updates with smart synchronization: the solution prioritizes important updates and syncing of critical data. Larger updates are only performed when connections are stable.
  • Data-driven insights through the cloud: Even when disconnected, the solution runs customized analytics at the edge to provide uninterrupted insights and inform timely decisions.
  • Seamless system integration into a single portal: The solution communicates across all your equipment and device management systems. It can push notifications and alerts into your existing workflow, to trigger service tickets and address problems faster.
  • Extended coverage through ongoing support: Codit provides end-to-end support to help monitor and resolve issues on any location 24/7.

Expertise in Microsoft Azure, Experience in Industrial Applications

Codit has a long-standing expertise in Microsoft Azure and leading-edge data intelligence solutions. We bring it all together to help you bring your business to the next level.

Our insights into avoiding common pitfalls have helped utilities and manufacturing companies create new business value. Thanks to our proven methodology, we provide a faster time to market.


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Codit offers a complete end-to-end service, combining our expertise in data integration and cloud-native technologies with our experience in leveraging it through advanced data intelligence solutions.

We are the leading Azure integration partner for Microsoft in Europe, adding significant value to your data projects. Our project methodology has been proven successful in hundreds of projects We work in close collaboration with you to help you achieve your goals within the given time and budget.

Not only do we design and build the solution, but we offer a managed service to support this solution —monitoring and resolving issues even before they arise. Once your solution is up and running, we continue our support for your solution 24/7.

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