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Breaking Boundaries for Business - and Beyond

Summer is the season when companies close down for vacation. And while we certainly encourage our team to take time off for some well-deserved rest, our focus always remains on staying open. Open to new solutions, new opportunities… Whether it’s expanding our knowledge or widening our network for enhanced collaboration, Codit works to push past existing limits for future progress. And we aim to do so not only in our IT industry but in our entire international community.

For Codit Switzerland, this means breaking business boundaries to forge a path into a new frontier of strengthened relationships between its country and Europe.

Connecting is Everything – and Everywhere

In its simplest form, Codit’s mantra “connecting is everything” describes the importance of effective integration. We work to empower our customers, enabling their digital transformation through improved connections to their business information, operating systems, customers, and even future opportunities. But our commitment to connection runs deeper than data. Codit’s objective for integration is to bring together the right solutions, systems, and stakeholders to move us all forward. We aim to reach beyond technologies to create true synergies worldwide.

Operating in 7 international locations and serving customers around the globe, Codit knows firsthand just how critical it is to collaborate with different countries. Working together across borders brings new levels of awareness and understanding that can benefit the entire global economy. Codit Switzerland is one example of how our company is making new progress in these international partnerships. With more than 80% of its team originating from outside of its base country, Codit Switzerland is particularly proficient in cross-cultural collaboration. Driven by its multicultural mindset, the team is overcoming business obstacles through its involvement in “Förderkreis92“.

Cultivating Relationships to Make Business Grow

Organized by Europa Forum, Förderkreis92 (FK92 – or “Promotion Circle 92”) is a program that brings together company heads from various nations to create cross-border relationships and integrate Swiss business with the rest of Europe. While Switzerland has a long history of successful international collaboration, the country still faces restrictions when it comes to participating within the European Economic Area (EEA)’s internal market. FK92 is an effort to rise above these limitations and open opportunities not only in business but also in political relations for all of Europe. Representing enterprises from 10 different nations, FK92 members join forces to exchange best practices, share insider knowledge, and promote connections between companies.

Through exclusive networking events, members like Codit Switzerland gain access to a unique channel of contacts with a comprehensive European view. During the events, key speakers provide insights on the current trends and climate of European business and present perspectives on how they could be improved in the future. While the attendees might focus on different customers and services than the featured speakers, the events enlighten members with universal concepts that can apply across all forward-looking industries.

The June networking event, “Departure into the jet era at Pilatus,” was sponsored by Europa Forum members – including Codit Switzerland – and featured Pilatus CEO Markus Bucher as its key speaker. Giving an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Pilatus factory, Bucher shared details on the aircraft manufacturer’s recent business venture into the jet market. First-hand accounts like these equip FK92 members with a deeper view of the evolving international market and position them to make the necessary changes and connections to better serve their own customer base.

Thanks to Codit Switzerland’s active involvement in FK92 and the group’s unifying efforts, Swiss-European business has the potential to be more effective. And these reinforced relationships bring us at Codit even closer to our goal of a unified international community and enhanced connections all over the world.

Join us as #summITup keeps it up

Our progress is never at rest because of our Codit team’s tireless work. Stay tuned for what they’re up to next as we keep our #summITup summer rolling along.
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