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Codit France Upgrades its Office

January usually gets the prestige for the time of the year to start something new. But summer can actually be an even better season for people to make a change. These three months of sun and fun bring a spirit of positivity and possibility that motivates to move forward through refreshment, renewal, and - in Codit's case - renovation.

This summer, the Codit France team is clearing out the old and bringing in the innovation with its office revamp that matches our visionary vibe.

IT’s Never Business as Usual

Innovation is a pretty hot buzzword, (even without this summer’s record heat waves), and it’s easy for companies to say that their work is revolutionary. But at Codit everything we do revolves around our #DedicationToInnovation, and we have a constant drive for improvement in all that we do. To enable our customers in their digital transformation and our team members in their professional evolution, we’re continuously upgrading our company with the latest tools, advanced technologies, and enhanced training. We work hard to stay on the leading edge and propel our solutions, ourselves, and even our space to the next level.

With an objective to be innovative inside and out, Codit’s commitment to being on the cutting-edge expands beyond how we work and extends all the way to where we work. Embodying our company culture of flexibility and forward-thinking, Codit France is making some visionary improvements with their offices’ fresh new look.

Innovation Starts on the Inside

If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then the space around you … really says it all.

In our company, we understand that in order to have an innovative headspace, you first must have an innovative workspace. We aim to surround our team members with inspiring work areas that make them feel good and help them find great ideas. And this time, our team in France is going to bring our engaging culture to life with a fun and functional office remodel.

The renovations started in April, and this summer the team is completing an important stage of its office upgrade. During the next several weeks, they’re taking the necessary time to make all the right improvements, and the new offices will be ready to welcome you soon!

The remodeled Paris workspace will feature a clean, modern style that’s not only easy on the eyes but also facilitates the workday with open and more operational spaces. External partners will benefit from the meeting rooms modeled for optimal collaboration, and new recruits can see Codit’s team-focused attitude simply from looking around.

#summITup to the Next Level

From an inspirational office rebuild to innovative offerings in the integration space, we’re stepping up our game this summer. Check back next week to see how we’re keeping our Codit’ers up to date on ever-changing technology.

And bring yourself up to speed on all of our summer happenings on the #summITup recap page.

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