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CONNECT 2019 - Recap

28 May marked our second CONNECT event, where attendees could see firsthand the latest evolution in integration, the API economy, IoT and AI. Industry experts presented cutting-edge innovations with insights for attendees to keep ahead of market trends and shape their digital future.

Read more about the sessions below.

AI as Driver of Innovation by Didier Ongena – General Manager Microsoft Belux

Didier Ongena, General Manager of Microsoft Belux, shared his vision on how our current marketplace is moving from a process-driven economy to data-driven economy. Many organizations are built on processes and looking for ways to optimize them. This used to be effective, but the world of today needs a new approach. And this new approach requires access to the right data at the right time. We see, however, too many data silos in organizations; where data is coming from systems, applications, things but none are interconnected. Therefore, integration is key.

Once you have access to the data, the foundation is lied and ready for the next step. You can begin building AI on top. This starts by observing, then sampling at scale and finally at hyperscale. Thanks to the computing power available across data centers all over the world, access to data and the algorithms, AI has become accessible to all.

For Didier it’s clear that this data-driven approach will impact every organization. Therefore, companies will require trust and leadership to embrace the new opportunities that will arise. It will create a competitive advantage and make them grow at a faster pace than those who resist it.

AI as Driver of Transformation

The Future of Integration by Toon Vanhoutte – Solution Architect at Codit Belgium

Today’s biggest challenge is to get your IT moving at the speed of business, while you’re often facing a heterogeneous and legacy IT landscape.  In this session, Toon explained how Gartner’s pace layered architecture allows you to have the different layers within your organization moving at a different speed.

Ensure you apply the right level of governance on the innovation layer of your organization, as this is where you can create a high velocity.  Having cloud-native technology helps you to move faster, also from an integration perspective.  Avoid spaghetti interfaces and think more of a pace-layered lasagna, where integration is the sauce between the layers!

The Future of Integration

Why Your Business Requires an API Driven Strategy by Massimo Crippa – Azure Lead at Codit Belgium

In this session, Massimo explained how APIs are relevant to every organization, no matter the size, industry or location. Different use cases have been discussed such as: API as core of integration, how to use APIs to enable composite enterprises and evolvable infrastructures, API as turnkey to create a partner ecosystem, API as core of the mobile strategy and API to create a personalized customer experience.

Massimo concluded his session by telling that the maturity of APIs, the tooling and the number of resources available makes API development easier than before allowing everyone to be successful in the API economy.

Why Your Business Requires an API Driven Strategy

Embracing a Digital Future to Grow and Thrive by Dominique Leroy – CEO at Proximus

We are on the eve of the third and most profound wave of digital disruption, which is affecting the structures of organizations and entire sectors. This requires enterprises to rethink themselves and to build a different plan of approach to navigate through the disruptive changes ahead. Starting from her own sector specific expertise, Dominique Leroy gave a broader insight into the causal factors of the ‘disruptive’ waves and discussed the new strategic questions they raise.

Embracing a Digital Future to Grow and Thrive

Pushing the Boundaries with IoT by Glenn Colpaert – IoT Lead at Codit Belgium

IoT is more than just connecting things and creating some actionable insights on the data. When building production grade solution there are tons of additional challenges you need to consider like scalability, visualization, analytics…

Azure offers a whole range of options from buying an ‘off the shelve’ solution to building blocks to build your custom solution from the ground up.

Azure IoT Edge and Azure Digital Twins are real game-changers and open up a whole range of new possibilities. Azure IoT Edge allows you to bring cloud capabilities to your edge devices, bringing those capabilities to the edge are key in production grade solutions. While Azure Digital Twins announces a new trend IoT Solutions, where the relationship between people, places and devices will be digitally model.

Glenn’s key takeaway: There is no reason anymore to not start with IoT, everything is in place to start building your own solutions TODAY or to start capturing data to leverage the next step in your digital journey towards AI and Machine Learning.

Pushing the Boundaries with IoT

Unlock a Smarter Business with Digital Identity by Sylvie Vandevelde – CMO at Belgian Mobile ID

Our world is becoming more digital and mobile every day. Customers are increasingly using online services for their banking, retail, and public service needs. But this increase also comes with a layer of digital challenges around privacy and security. How can you ensure that customers are able securely share their private information, so they can easily make online transactions? Sylvie Vandevelde shared in her session the vision itsme® have mapped out for digital IDs for customers, taking into account security, trust, and respect for privacy.

Unlock a Smarter Business with Digital Identity


Thanks for reading! See you at the next CONNECT edition?


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