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Day in a life of Coditer Perrine de Brabant

Today we introduce to you one of the Codit team – Perrine Brabant. Perrine has been with Codit since September 2019 and works in the IoT/AI domain. Find out about her job and what it’s like to work for Codit.

Day in a life of a Coditer at the Belgian Office – Perrine de Brabant

Could you tell everyone a bit about your job?

I’m a Junior Consultant and I started working with Codit in September 2019. I first got in contact with Codit after I won a prize at NMCT from Codit, after that I kept in touch with the company and that’s why they were my first choice when I was looking for work after graduating.

I work on IoT related projects mostly, because they are fun and challenging. IoT goes hand in hand with AI, and it’s fun to be able to combine the two – which I am doing now with the Codit AI Incubators team.

What kind of projects do you work on?

I’m currently working on an IoT project with a large shipping company. They have sensors that capture data from their vessels, and we’re also helping them to do different things with this data so it can be useful for them, so for example we are setting up API’s. As a later phase I hope to do the AI for this project too.

What do you find exciting about your job?

In IoT I learn new things every day. Because they are hands on projects, so you see what the results are of your work. It’s a satisfaction to see where my work is going.

Which technologies do you work with?

Well the coding is mainly in c#, but we use Azure of course – IoT Edge modules. We also use things such as ARM (Azure resource management) templates, Docker, PowerShell and so on. I get to experience a lot of technology in my job.

We are experimenting a lot with new technologies especially with the AI part – a lot is changing there; Azure is implementing Machine Learning and that is new for them so we can give feedback.

What is it like working in your team?

I am working with Frederik, Koen and Christophe who are all experienced and very knowledgeable about the technology. Frederik is a very good IoT architect within Codit and he’s leading the project with the shipping company. Koen is a senior consultant that recently started at Codit. Christophe is our project manager. It has been good working with them because I am always learning from them. I can always ask them questions and they give me new ideas.

What’s it like working for Codit as a whole?

I like Codit because it’s fun, you have your freedom in how and where you want to work. We have a lot of fun events that our Codit FUN team is responsible for. Yay! And it just a very good workspace, everyone is friendly to each other and if you have a problem you can ask anyone a question, and they will help. It’s a nice atmosphere to work in and lots to learn.

Do you enjoy your work?

Yes, I enjoy my work as I said before a lot of challenges and a very fun environment and people to work with. I did a bachelor in NMCT and studied smart technology which also included AI. In my last year at school, I travelled to Taiwan where I did my internship at Imec. At Imec, I worked on recognizing objects with a 3D camera which was fun to work with. At Codit we already did a hackathon with our AI incubators team which was also very interesting and a great step forward for Codit.

Within Codit, AI is an extension on IoT because Iot and AI go hand in hand. When you have sensor data it is easy to put AI on it – so for example with the shipping company we could provide AI that calculates voyages, predict fuel consumption, or how long they stay at the port. It’s really to make workplaces more efficient, and AI basically makes processes smart, which lets other employees free to do more creative tasks.

What is your ultimate career goal?

I would like to get as far as possible within Codit in the IoT and AI direction. I am also interested in the business side of the domain and would love to be a domain lead for AI. I think I would make a great project leader because I have a lot of experience leading projects when I was in school

What is something about yourself that others may be surprised to know?

I have lots of hobbies that keep me busy. I just started a web shop called Perlafine, with my mom where I do the IT related things, I play the violin and I am also a very sporty person (which is not a secret anymore for a lot of colleagues). I also love nature and all kinds of animals. (I have some strange animals such as an axolotl and a bearded dragon). I also enjoy cooking and baking

So yeah next to my job I am a very busy bee!

Berry the Bearded Dragon

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