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Go! Reviewing the Fundamentals for Forward Motion in Pace Layered Architecture

In the final part of our blog series about Pace Layered Architecture, we explore the fundamentals of data intelligence - data integration.

Today’s businesses are racing to reach expanding objectives, jumping over hurdles of innovative technologies and trendy buzzwords. But the reality is that there can be no blockchain, AI, or other future-looking advancements to your company’s operations without solid, time-tested integration and API strategies. Technology might be moving us to new milestones, but the first step to success hasn’t changed: There can be no data intelligence without data. 

The fundamental technique for integrating that data hasn’t changed either. While the border between cloud and on-premises is vanishing (where many differentiation systems and even some record systems are moving to the cloud), we still connect business information in the same way that we always have, with methods like decoupling and central routing.  

Pace Layered Architecture async messages

Don’t let technology drive your methodology. Regardless of on-premises, hybrid, or fully cloud-native environments, the same data-first approach applies.  


ConclusionThe Key to Staying Competitive 

If you want to accelerate your business, the key is to ensure manageable integration in your architecture, treating each layer of your diverse IT landscape appropriately and at the right pace: 

  • Using Gartner’s three levels of pace-layered architecture (record, differentiation, and innovation)apply the appropriate governance for each layer of your IT landscape – and make sure they move at different speeds.  
  • Keep the foundation layer solid and stable while allowing agility and innovation on the top layer by implementing a strong integration platform and API-centric strategy as the flexible “glue” between your applications. 


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