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Some real-world examples

These and many more references fill us with pride! Customer testimonials are the real proof of our customer centric approach, our experience and our expertise. This is what we work for, day in, day out: building long-lasting relationships with satisfied customers and go far beyond the ordinary.

The new version of BizTalk is extremely stable and reliable, and this is essential because we’ve centralised all message conversions.

Steve Melan, Head of IT Architects, BCEE


BCEE is a Luxembourgish bank, established and owned by the Luxembourgish government. The bank is more than 150 years old and one of the safest banks in the world. It provides all the functions of a commercial bank, including retail banking and private banking.


The BCEE processes more than one million SWIFT and SEPA messages every day. The bank’s previous software had become outdated and a new Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software was needed in order to remain competitive.

The BCEE chose Microsoft BizTalk, because of its robust software and other benefits such as add-ons with pre-programmed functions.

Following a successful proof-of-concept for BizTalk Server 2009 by Codit, the BCEE switched over to BizTalk Server 2013 in 2014.

The bank is now saving time and money on new software development, thanks to Microsoft BizTalk.


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