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Some real-world examples

These and many more references fill us with pride! Customer testimonials are the real proof of our customer centric approach, our experience and our expertise. This is what we work for, day in, day out: building long-lasting relationships with satisfied customers and go far beyond the ordinary.

I feel very fortunate since I know that experts will, while we are using this solution, continue to improve the platform, its technology and capabilities.

Panayiotis Alexandrou, IT Manager, SMT Shipping

SMT Shipping

SMT Shipping is a worldwide leader in bulk cargo transportation with entities in Cyprus, Poland, The Netherlands and the USA. This shipping company offers customers a fully integrated range of services with regard to shipping: commercial, technical, systems (quality and safety), crewing, purchasing, operations, accounting and insurance management.


SMT Shipping felt they had a lot of room for improvement with regard to the management of their transactions. Because a lot of data was being entered manually and into different systems, a significant amount of duplicate work was done on a daily basis. These extra superfluous working hours were subject to concern. Through integration, the company is now able to reduce costs, improve efficiency, take faster decisions based on real-time data and hence, grow faster. The motivation to start an integration project was clear: to improve and accelerate services towards customers in the most cost effective way.


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