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Some real-world examples

These and many more references fill us with pride! Customer testimonials are the real proof of our customer centric approach, our experience and our expertise. This is what we work for, day in, day out: building long-lasting relationships with satisfied customers and go far beyond the ordinary.

Média Participations

Média-Participations is a recognized leader in traditional print publishing, film and TV production, and digital media, and offers content tailored to a variety of audiences and age groups.


After acquiring a new Business Intelligence tool, the finance department of Média Participations wanted to integrate electronically all daily financial data into this new BI system. Additionally, business users will have to be able to control the level of data to be transmitted.

The IT department wanted to be build this solution to meet best the user's requirements but at the same time take the opportunity to build the solution around an architecture that would be future proof for the next Integration needs. This project has to be achieved in the best delay. Codit's intervention helped achieve this double objectives by providing an in-depth analysis of the target software architecture and by an implementation of the solution using SQL SSIS achieved and tested on time.