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Some real-world examples

These and many more references fill us with pride! Customer testimonials are the real proof of our customer centric approach, our experience and our expertise. This is what we work for, day in, day out: building long-lasting relationships with satisfied customers and go far beyond the ordinary.

With Azure Data Lake Analytics we can combine sensor data with historical pricing or weather data, and maybe even the number of people in the building... We can get much, much more value and much greater insight.

Sam Vanhoutte, CTO, Codit


In this Microsoft reference case, Codit is the customer. Azure opens a whole new line of business: with Azure Machine Learning and Power BI, Codit can open the eyes of many companies in different industries. Codit can now help companies realize dreams by mapping them to one of the technologies in the IoT platform it has created with Azure technologies.


With the advent of the Internet of Things—a network of objects connected by embedded sensors that can capture data in real time—more and more of the electrical grid is being configured to generate data. Some would say an overabundance of data that, on its own, doesn’t amount to much. This is what Codit believed. “Just connecting and measuring systems are nothing if you don't turn your data into knowledge or useful information", says Sam Vanhoutte, Codit’s CTO and Product Manager. “We wanted to combine streams and sources of data and use the combination to lead to a better prediction about what will happen tomorrow.”

Download the case (on your right hand) to discover how Codit used Azure Data Lake to combine data from multiple sources: from connected sensors to historical pricing or weather data and even the number of people in buildings.


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