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Barrel Challenge Update - Broken Alternator Disaster!

The cold harsh winter is taking its toll on the team's Ford Escort, with a flat battery and broken alternator - but that hasn't stopped the team from powering ahead.

Days 4 and 5 have passed with only two minor disasters, but what fun would the challenge be if everything went smoothly, right?

First there was the case of the broken alternator because that’s always fun:


The guys got hungry so decided it would be an amazing idea to eat surströmming! Ok this is a self-induced disaster and one we can all laugh with:

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With the faithful car all repaired and the team’s appetite for surströmming sated, it was time to hit the road again. Needless to say the snow is ever-present and the landscape continues to be breathtaking:

Which only inspired the guys to do some late night sledding.

Be careful guys!

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Be sure to follow the team on their adventures on their Facebook page, and don’t forget you can view real-time data collected from the IoT connected car, powered by Codit’s Nebulus and Proximus’ LoRa.