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Ruud Wichers Schreur: From Trainee to Domain Lead for IoT, Analytics and Data Platforms

Last year, we interviewed Ruud Wichers Schreur on his experience of a traineeship at Codit Netherlands. Now, as Ruud starts a new role as Domain Lead for IoT, Analytics, and Data Platforms, we revisit him to talk about his journey getting here, as well as how the new position reflects Codit's commitment to growth, innovation, and the advancement of technology solutions in the Netherlands.

We're excited to hear more about your growth journey and the innovative projects you'll be leading. Can you tell us a bit about your new position and the responsibilities it entails?

Ruud: Thank you! I’m excited to take on this new role as Domain Lead. In this position, I will essentially be overall end-accountable for the technical delivery and strategy within the domain of IoT, Data Platforms, and Analytics. This includes activities such as pre-sales, establishing stronger links with Microsoft and providing training to colleagues. I’ll also have the opportunity to attend events, give presentations, and work on research and development cases.

That sounds fantastic! Can you tell us about the opportunities the position brings for growth and innovation?

Ruud: Since I am responsible for the strategy and vision within the domain,  I continuously have to be up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. By doing so, I can contribute to growth and drive innovation in various ways.

For example, I work on research and development (R&D) projects that leverage cutting-edge technology with the goal to be able to deliver even smarter solutions to our customers. I pitch these projects to customers and promote them at events, initiating conversations on how Codit can assist customers in solving their problems using innovative technology.

In addition, I am involved in expanding the course portfolio available to colleagues, so they can continuously develop themselves within this domain, in line with the strategy and vision. As a part of this, we recently hosted the first session of a workshop where participants built an intelligent solution using Computer Vision and IoT edge.

How does this new role complement your previous position as a consultant? How does it add to your expertise and career development?

Ruud: I’ve always been passionate about customer interaction and the pre-sales component that is part of being a consultant. I believe that by truly understanding the needs and requirements of clients, we can offer them the best possible solutions. This will be an even more prominent part of my role as domain lead. I am confident that I can do this, since my role as a consultant has provided me with a strong foundation in the technical aspects of both IoT and Integration.

💡Read more about Ruud’s traineeship experience here

My new position includes researching and analyzing market trends, as well as identifying potential clients who can benefit from our services. I have the opportunity to be involved in a project at a much earlier stage. I can now take the lead in identifying relevant projects and technologies that can make a positive impact, particularly in areas such as sustainability.

How do you envision the impact of this new role on Codit Netherlands as a whole? How will it shape the organization and its interactions with colleagues and customers?

Ruud: I believe this new role will bring about significant positive changes within Codit Netherlands. We have organized exciting events such as workshops, brainstorm sessions, and hackathons, bringing people together and helping them to bond over shared interests. Knowledge acquired by colleagues during these events is taken and applied to our customers, to both help them drive innovation and to further strengthen our relationship.

It's incredible to hear about the positive changes you anticipate! Is there anything else you would like to share about your excitement or future ambitions for this new position?

Ruud: Absolutely! Beyond the immediate scope of this role, I’m excited about the collaboration with IoT-focused colleagues in other Codit countries. The exchange of ideas and expertise will undoubtedly lead to even more innovative projects and solutions. Personally, I’m also passionate about impactful projects. We are actively exploring ways to leverage technologies like IoT and AI to create a positive impact, and to make the world an even smarter place.

Overall, I am incredibly excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for me in this new position. It will allow me to take on more responsibility, drive innovation, and make a tangible impact. I’m grateful for the support, training, and guidance provided by Codit, and I’m eager to contribute to the organization’s continued success in The Netherlands and beyond.

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