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Embracing International Diversity: Codit Netherlands' Journey to Innovation and Inclusion

In this blog post, hear the stories of Artem, Joao, Peter, Steven, Zinat, Youssef and Vlad-Andrei, all from different countries and backgrounds, but united by their passion for technology and their journey with Codit.

At Codit Netherlands, our multicultural environment celebrates the unique perspectives and experiences of its employees. Individuals from various corners of the globe each contribute their skills and knowledge to create a vibrant, innovative and more connected workplace.

Artem Shkuropat, Trainee

Hi, I’m Artem and I am a refugee from Ukraine. I moved to The Netherlands due to the ongoing conflict in my country. Previously, I worked as a computer science teacher, sharing my knowledge and passion for technology with students. I joined Codit as a trainee and I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to learn and grow in this field. Working at Codit NL has been a wonderful experience for me. The company embraces a multicultural environment, and I have had the pleasure of collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. It’s inspiring to be part of a team where different perspectives and ideas come together to create innovative solutions. I am glad to learn and be surrounded by colleagues who inspire me to do my best. Codit has given me the opportunity to contribute my skills and be part of a team passionate about technology integration. Codit has become more than just a workplace to me; it has become a part of who I am, and I am excited to continue my journey with the company.

Joao Pimenta, Junior Consultant

Hi, I’m Joao. I am originally from Portugal, and I moved to the Netherlands in late October 2021. The decision to move was driven by my desire to explore a new professional opportunity, get out of my comfort zone, develop my skills, and to enjoy some awesome weather (just kidding about the weather). I’ve worked as a Data Scientist and Azure Integration consultant since November 2021, around 3 days after my arrival to The Netherlands. With my current customer, I am responsible for designing and developing Azure solutions for data ingestion and synchronization of their ERPs across France, UK, and Germany. I also set up API management and established hybrid connections between Azure and on‑premises systems. As well as this, I’m an AI Practitioner, with a main focus on teaching the best practices in AI solutions and delivering support to enable presales/sales in the AI domain. Since starting here, I’ve had an awesome experience. The multicultural environment is super welcoming and inclusive. I’ve always felt supported and empowered to bring my ideas and skills to the table. The standout feature for me is the culture of knowledge sharing. Everyone is open, supportive, and eager to help. Having many experienced senior professionals in the Netherlands has made it easy to seek guidance when needed, and this has greatly contributed to my professional growth.

Peter Brouwer - Senior Consultant

I am originally from New Zealand where I was born to Dutch parents. I started my working career in New Zealand. Heading off on a desire to explore the world led to a couple of years in Turkey, two years in Austria, and 18 years in London working in Integration. Following Brexit, I headed to The Netherlands, as I always wanted to spend some time living in my ancestral country. I’ve worked for Codit as an Integration consultant (BizTalk/Azure) since 2017. Codit is a very relaxed supportive company to work for, quite a contrast to the culture that I encountered in London, and you have a lot of freedom to choose the direction of your career path. It’s nice to have a diverse set of colleagues to give you an international perspective.

Steven Ginsburg - Trainee

Hi, I’m Steven. I’m originally from South Africa and have spent time in Southern and Eastern Africa, Indonesia, and I now find myself in The Netherlands! I moved here in mid-February 2023 as I’d already had some exposure to the Dutch culture and lifestyle. I have a large social network here both with expats and locals, and I find the work-life balance to be something very noticeable and the complete opposite of what I was used to. The Netherlands is an extremely clean and safe country with policies and ideals which align with my own (in terms of efficiency, sustainability, community, innovation, etc.), so it was a very easy choice to make! I started at Codit in March 2023 as a Trainee Developer focused on Azure Integration, and if I complete the 9-month traineeship successfully, I will then become a full-time Azure Consultant. So far, I’ve found working at Codit to be very welcoming!  As an expat, I’m used to being left out or excluded from a lot of things, but at Codit I have found the opposite. Everyone is very accommodating to me and my other foreign colleagues. English is always spoken so we can all be included in the conversations and this truly helps to integrate into the team and build solid relationships! Based on my experience, I can see Codit realizes the importance of bringing in outside views, knowledge, and experience and is making an effort to create a more international team. Having over 9 different nationalities working in the Netherlands is tremendously impressive in my view!

Zinat Farhang – Consultant

Hey there, I’m Zinat, and I’m proud to be part of the Codit Netherlands team. Originally from Iran, I’ve been living in the Netherlands since 2014. I finished my master’s studies back in Iran and then decided to continue my education here. Once I graduated, I jumped into the working world. My partner and I fell in love with the beautiful nature and rich culture of The Netherlands, so we decided to stick around. For the past few years, I’ve been working as an IT consultant, focusing on web app development using c# and JavaScript. I’ve always had my eye on Azure and its integration possibilities, and luckily, Codit showed up and offered me the perfect opportunity to dive into the world of integration. Since starting in June this year, I’ve been having a great time! The people I work with are passionate, the company culture is very positive, and the knowledge-sharing atmosphere in the academy is off the charts. Coming from a big consulting company, I’ve really appreciated this. Plus, being in such an international environment made me feel right at home from day one.

How down-to-earth my colleagues are. everyone is always willing to lend a hand. I guess it helps that our team is full of experienced folks who know their stuff. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to learn from them and I look forward to meeting more colleagues from other branches too!

Youssef Rabeh - Consultant

Hi, I’m Youssef and I’m from Tunisia. I’ve lived in The Netherlands for 8 years now, having moved in July 2015 to be with my wife. I’ve been working at Codit since 2017 when I began as a .Net/BizTalk consultant. Recently, I took on the role of Architect within the Codit Netherlands team. My first 3 years at Codit were perfect, and as a starter, I found that there was a lot of necessary support from our team in The Netherlands. Over the last few years, there has been a lot of change at Codit Netherlands, but we are working as a team to make everyone feel welcome!

Vlad-Andrei Gheorghiu - Trainee

I am originally from Romania and came here to embark on my study path about 8-9 years ago with the purpose of getting my bachelor’s degree, starting a job and slowly integrating in the culture of this beautiful country. I am currently a trainee, and I’m working together with my teammate on an internal project for the Codit Netherlands office. I joined the team around 6 months ago, at around the beginning of 2023. I’ve never felt that I belong to a team more than I do at Codit. From the moment I joined, my character and not just my experience was what I was valued by. It’s a very efficient environment where I can self-study and self-learn from experts at the office or online, from the Codit Academy and the extensive documentation from Microsoft. Everyone is willing to help and to teach and all of my colleagues are very dedicated, all of which helps me to continuously strive for self-improvement!

As individuals and organizations, embracing talents from different backgrounds enriches our culture and facilitates the exchange of ideas, ultimately driving innovation and growth. The international diversity at Codit Netherlands is a reflection of our conscious effort to create a dynamic and inclusive work environment. By embracing different perspectives and experiences, we build stronger teams, foster creativity, and ultimately work towards our goal of making the world a more connected and smarter place.

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