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Barrel Challenge Update - Diving for the Finish Line

Our heroic team Routing Failure have successfully completed this year's Barrel Challenge!

The guys were off to a bumpy start after a minor accident damaged the bumper of the car:


Luckily no one was injured in what was called “The slowest crash in the world.”

Their fender bending ways didn’t stop them from completing the challenge of the day – get the car into a car showroom, bonus points if it’s the make of the car:


Done and done!

They really can’t complain about the scenery:

It wasn’t just the outdoor scenery that was impressive, take a look at the Lærdal tunnel in Norway that cuts right through a mountain for 24.5kms making this the longest tunnel in the world:


They then took the boat to arrive in Denmark on Sunday morning for the official end of the challenge.

You can revisit the adventures of the past week on the official Routing Failure Facebook page. Real-time data was  collected from the IoT connected car, powered by Codit’s Nebulus and Proximus’ LoRa.