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Beginning Your Career? Codit has a Place for You

The search for a new job is always exciting – the search for your first job is even more exciting! A year and a half ago our colleague Bram Takken started with Codit as a Junior. Find out what it was like in this post.

In November 2018 Bram started with Codit The Netherlands Team. He quickly felt at home in the spontaneous, relaxed sphere. He was also excited because Microsoft Azure and on-premises application migration were new territories for him. But that changed quickly during his 9-month traineeship. In the first 3 months, Bram received intensive coaching from a senior colleague. In this time period he became familiar with the core business of Codit. After these 3 months Bram was allowed to go to a client with a colleague – a big retail chain. Because Bram was quick to learn and develop his skills, and he had broad interests in the job, Bram was quickly allowed to work alone on the client project.


I really am in a Great Place to Work. We have fun events like go-karting, bowling, family events, and we go out eating, just so we can be closer together as a team.

Bram Takken

Since then, Bram has been able to broaden his knowledge and experience with diverse clients across a broad range of industries – such as a nuclear power station, a rural retail chain, and a big international shipping company. Projects where on-premise applications have to be migrated to the Cloud are no longer new to him. Thanks to his Personal Training Budget that he receives from Codit, he can keep developing his skills through extra training. It also helps that he also attributes his growth in his career to the knowledge and experience of his colleagues, who freely share their wisdom with him.

Codit is also growing into the Artificial Intelligence space and an “AI Incubators” group was formed. Bram was happy when he was chosen to be a part of the incubator group and could make a contribution. “Even as a junior, Codit values my knowledge and interests,” said Bram.

Even though Codit is the first place Bram has worked, he knows he’s hit the jackpot. “From my other friends I’ve often heard that the atmosphere of their workplaces are totally different than at Codit. I’m really lucky to be in this great group of people who look out for each other.”

Bram is looking forward to his future with Codit “If I see what I’ve reached in 1.5 years in Codit, I am really curious about what I will learn over the next few years. I look forward to contributing to the development of the AI branch within Codit. I also think it’d be great to later on guide a junior when they first start.”

Are you looking for your first work experience in the exciting world of innovative technology? Check out our open positions!

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