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Life at Codit Malta - One Year Later

Last year we interview Alikan when he first started at Codit. Let's find out how he is going one year later.

Tell us about your job today – did it live up to your expectations? 

 Yes it lived up to my expectations. I got to know many decent people and started to collaborate with my colleagues internationally without any borders. The Team in Malta is also very friendly community. From a customer point of view, I help different customers located all around the world., from New Zealand to Belgium, from Norway to Canada.  

You said you would “have the opportunity to connect with many different kinds of customers and a variety of technologies,” is this true? Can you tell me a bit about this? 

 This is true.  As a member of Managed Services I connect with at least 5-6 different customers for help every day. Not only do I see legacy technologies, but I also see cutting edge Azure solutions. Our customers constantly change and integrate themselves into the new cloud-based technology with the help of our Codit expertise. 

What do you find exciting about your job?  

Learning new things! Knowledge brings you power, confidence, and self-satisfaction. Knowing something new, and the ability to control that gives me joy! 

 Which technologies do you work with? 

I work with Biztalk integration solutions, an in-house legacy product Codit Integration Framework. I also work with Azure Cloud solutions – mostly Integration Solutions such as Logic Apps. 

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You said your  first impression of Codit is young, dynamic, energetic, friendly, and an exciting place to work. Also that the company knows the value of its employees and tries to make them happy. Is this something that is true? Can you give some examples that you’ve seen where Codit tries to make its employees happy? 

That was something I saw at first glance. I was not wrong because Codit already launched a transformation within the company, and during this change phase they really paid attention to the voice of employees through surveys asking how the company should be in the future, how the way of work should be and so on. I also got accepted to Technology Specialist working group which aims to shape new roles for employees within the company. So, I can say, Codit listens to its employees to make things better.  

 You also said you were excited to work with Codit’s international team because the multi-cultural community means that you “can have many friends all around the world.”? Have you made friends from all over the world?  

 Although I work for Belgium team I have already become friends with all members of the team in Malta. We also have a pool party tomorrow. But I need to add that I have friends from the Belgian team too. I think the 20th Anniversary Party had a significant contribution to bring Coditers from all countries closer.  

During business hours, I work with people from west to east, which also improves my way of doing things in a business manner and communication in human relation manner. You start to learn global communication and get to know yourself to be more patient, more respectful, more friendly. It is an excellent opportunity to remember that while there are differences everybody in this world is the same in their basic goals and needs.   

Codit Great Place to Work, Now Hiring, IT Jobs, Microsoft Partner, Azure, IoT, AI, Blockchain

You’ve told us that you’re a sailor and love the sea – have you gotten more opportunity to be on a boat since your move to Malta? 

Yes, of course!  I had already found a boat to compete in the Middle Sea Race 2019 Last October and completed the race. We were on the water non-stop sailing for six days. We covered 720 nautical miles. 

I also took part in a couple of in-shore regattas in Malta. However, as we all know, COVID-19 just put a halt for everything for a long time. It’s getting better now, and I just went back sailing two weeks ago. What I really love about sailing is the opportunity it gives you to get back to yourself. Out on the water everything that you’re concerned about falls away, and you begin to see beauty in the smallest things. Like having a cup of coffee, that is something so small in your everyday life, but when you have been sailing for a few days it can be a source of happiness. 

What’s it like working for Codit as a whole? 

In my point of view, it is very active working environment. It is always open for change, and the customer projects because the customers are big. The opportunity to get new know-how about technologies and solutions is always exciting. 

What is your ultimate career goal? 

I’m very much a people-person. I like to help people and motivate them to do their best. I hope to be some sort of team leader, not because I want to boss people around, but because I want to help them to do their best work. 

Tell me something about yourself that others may be surprised to know about you. 

I just finished studying my MSc in Computer Engineering and I’m waiting to get my diploma.


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