At Codit, we specialize in data and processes to enhance manufacturing operations. From connecting data for Össur, to implementing modern applications with Schréder, to enabling data-driven decision-making with Duco, our expertise enables data utilization for operational excellence and innovation, helping to deliver tangible benefits for manufacturing companies.

  • Challenges
  • Our Approach
  • The Data Journey
  • Resource Library
  • Next Steps?


Maintaining or even extending your place in the market comes with many challenges:

Understanding and ensuring that your supply chain is resilient and healthy, in order to minimize disruptions and costs.

Integrating your smart products, to enhance efficiency and unlock new opportunities.

Achieving operational excellence, using methods such as lean manufacturing to reduce waste, time, resources and materials.

Adapting to changes and evolving customer demands, in order to anticipate market shifts, innovate products, and meet evolving customer needs for sustained success.

Our Approach

Codit is an expert in data and application solutions in discrete manufacturing. We tailor our approach and guide you towards data maturity, optimizing operations, enhancing productivity, driving innovation, streamlining processes, meeting customer demands, ensuring compliance, and staying ahead in a competitive market. With our expertise, you can focus on your business objectives while we tackle your data challenges and guide you toward greater efficiency and success.

The Data Journey

  • Connecting Data

Codit integrates disparate data sources to enable data-driven decision-making and operational excellence for manufacturing companies. Read how we helped MOWI migrate ASA’s systems to Integration Cloud for round-the-clock monitoring and data synchronization.

  • Using Data

By leveraging IoT technologies, we optimize processes and drive efficiency gains through real-time data collection and analysis. Read how Codit assisted Bühler in retrofitting older equipment with Microsoft Azure technologies for waste reduction, quality enhancement, and cost savings.

  • Analyzing Data

Our advanced analytics capabilities enable predictive insights and proactive strategies, transforming data into a strategic asset for manufacturing operations. Read how Codit helped ENGIE integrate edge computing for optimized maintenance, reduced downtime, and innovation in renewable energy production.

Resource Library

Explore our in-depth analyses and expert perspectives on the latest trends shaping the manufacturing industry.

Next Steps?

Contact us to chat about how Codit can help your manufacturing organization. Whether it’s organizing an individual workshop, attending a webinar or just stopping by for a coffee, let’s connect.

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