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Discover the Codit culture

At Codit, we believe that ‘A happy employee makes a happy customer’. That is what we want. But how do you make, or keep, an employee happy? We do so by cementing this idea into solid HR actions and procedures such as training, recognition, safeguarding the organization culture, and performance management.

Annelies Berlaen, HR responsible, Codit

Hear, hear. What team members say.

I like going the extra mile, in team I like going the extra mile, in team

Maxim Braekman (°89), Integration Professional

I value developing new skills I value developing new skills

Robert Maes (°88), Integration Consultant

I like this company: it's alive and kicking! I like this company: it's alive and kicking!

Glenn Colpaert (°85), Integration Consultant

I am keen on always being one step ahead I am keen on always being one step ahead

Peter Borremans (°79), Integration Architect


Just like Robert Maes

What is it that you do, as an Integration Consultant? 

I help and support customers to create applications customized to their needs. In my 4 years at Codit, I have integrated different business applications at different customers. I do not only focus on the implementation part, but I also train customers and pass on the knowledge so they can deliver a project themselves.

Why do you like the most about your job?

First, I really like the way Codit helps its employees to learn new skills. We get an unrivaled Personal Training Budget that allows us to keep on evolving year in year out. Second, I always wanted to work with people. In the integration business, you collaborate a lot with others so you truly develop your social skills. A tip? Listening is very important!


Just like Falco Lannoo

What is your job about?

I work in the Codit Managed Services team, the largest Managed Services Center for global companies that solely focuses on managing and supporting Microsoft integration solutions based on BizTalk Server and Microsoft Azure. We implement, support, maintain and adapt integration solutions to ensure the continuity of the business operations of our customers - day in day out. In short, we help customers to keep their integration solution operational at all times. 

What gives you the most satisfaction in your job?

If there are hard, annoying problems at one of our customer environments, it gives me satisfaction to solve them really fast. Knowing that the systems work again as good as before and taking care of business continuity, makes me happy. I also like to solve business blocking issues, because it’s really exciting and gives me a lot of adrenalin.


To work on cloud and integration projects

What is typical for a consultant's job at Codit?

In integration projects, you typically have a lot of interaction with team members, within Codit and with the customer. If you want to become a good consultant, you will need to have proper communication skills to fluently liaise with others.

What is typical about this job? 

You will dive into the Azure technology and leverage the possibilities it provides in the Internet of Things playing field. IoT is everywhere today, and more and more companies are undertaking steps to embrace it in their business, because its advantages are manifold. You will help designing distributed cloud solutions, based upon the requirements of the customers, which enables them to realize their IoT ambitions and be more innovative than ever before. 


Just like Peter Borremans

What do you do, as an .NET Architect?

Over the years, I gained a lot of experience in architecting and developing SOA and ESB solutions for both private and public sector using Microsoft technologies. I also worked as a coach and trainer. Nowadays, I am leading the Architecture Board focusing on the creation and implementation of best practices and guidelines. 

Is it important to remain on the edge of technology, as an Architect?

For sure! Technology never stops evolving, so neither do we. With the Training Budget we have the space to get certified and/or deepen out specific areas. I am certified in numerous Microsoft technologies (MCPD Azure, MCPD EA, BizTalk) and am also certified TOGAF 9.1 architect.