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Internet of Things

Measure, analyze, predict and automate

Do more with the data you gather and gain insights in your business activities. Stop wondering how to optimize expensive production lines. Learn and optimize with the Measure-Analyze-Predict and Automate ideology, brought to you by the Internet of Things. IoT is in the devices, sensors, cloud services and (big) data of your business. 

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Start building your ‘thingfrastructure’ today with this integrated, secure Microsoft Azure-based IoT Framework, and easily extend it with deeper insights in your business. Step ahead of your competitors.

The IoT value chain 

IoT Internet of Things Value Chain

Codit builds you an open, extensible IoT platform on your terms:

  • We want you to get started quickly and easily with IoT.
  • We build what we believe works best: a platform that is open for extensibility, free of any lock-ins.
  • You will be able to rely on a secure IoT platform, built upon +15 years of integration experience.
  • We combine the components and services of the Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Analytics Suite and beyond.
  • Use your IoT platform to process telemetry data or route device commands in a secure and standardized way. 

Business benefits

  • Always be one step ahead of your peers:
    • Repair before it breaks
    • Act before the fact
    • Predict, adapt and act before your competitors do
  • Automated intelligence: combine various data sources to automate machines or devices
  • Measure to learn: rather than plan for timely checkups, measure and learn when exactly human intervention is needed
  • Gain new business insights through real time analytics and machine learning
  • Optimize your business workflows
  • View your data in a glance in real-time and take smarter, instant decisions
  • Start with what you need today, and extend your IoT solution whenever you want

Operational benefits

  • Securely ingest data at large scale
    • Log millions of events per second in near real time
    • Into multiple applications
  • Provide real time analytics
  • Transform and aggregate your data to the next step in the value chain
  • Centralize the monitoring, management and maintenance of your devices remotely
  • Combine data in advanced business rules and logic to automate smart decisions
  • Connect with open or custom protocols
    • Out-of-the-box support for HTTPS & AMQP
    • Gateway technology provides support for custom protocols

What the expert says

With Azure Data Lake Analytics we can combine sensor data with historical pricing or weather data, and maybe even the number of people in the building... We can get much, much more value and much greater insight.

Sam Vanhoutte, CTO, Codit

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